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40 Years of Better Healthcare for Employers and Employees: Congratulations LVBCH!

Through collective employer action and partnerships with providers/payers, the Lehigh Valley Business Coalition on Healthcare (LVBC) has been improving the delivery, cost and quality of 300+ member employers and their employees for more than four decades. The entire Keenan-Nagle team is proud of our association with “The Coalition” as a long-time member and provider of […]

The ‘Third-Party Cookie’ Monster: What’s the Impact of Google’s Decision on Your Marketing Efforts?

The death of third-party cookies is quickly marching towards us. In two informative articles I’ve read in the last two weeks, (‘Chrome Killed the Cookie. Now What?’ by George Slefo, AdAge and ‘Google to Kill Third-Party Cookies – Publishers, Advertisers Win?’ by Heather Fletcher, Target Marketing), the pros, cons, opinions and unknowns related to Google’s […]

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