COVID-19: Times like these call for RAPID RESPONSE from organizations like yours.

By Keenan-Nagle | March 16, 2020 | Category: News

Events like the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) developments demand rapid response—especially from organizations with customer-facing services like yours.

It is imperative to periodically assure your customers, co-workers and community that your organization is taking all recommended measures to protect their health and well-being at all stages of this pandemic experience.

The Keenan-Nagle team is uniquely geared to provide effective and sensitive rapid response communications via digital media to your specific target audiences. There will be critical points throughout this pandemic which will call for responsible, timely communication from your organization.

If we can help, reach out to us at the contacts below. We will respond rapidly. Stay healthy.

Paul Leese
Executive Vice President
610-797-7100, ext. 2003

John Schwind
Media Services & Analytics Manager
610-797-7100, ext. 2011

James Nicnick
Web Development Director
610-797-7100, ext. 2008

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