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Specializing in Community Bank Marketing for More Than 50 Years.

We believe in the value of hometown banks as economic engines of their communities and know how to express the many advantages–economic and emotional–that they have over the super regional and regional institutions.

Most importantly, we know how to help Community Banks GROW through intelligent marketing, messaging and data-driven accountability.

K-N Client Advantages


We are open to project work, campaigns, product branding strategies and/or consulting arrangements.


K-N strategic planning, creative and media teams perform at the speed of opportunity.  When your competitors offer opportunities that favor your bank (mergers, fee hikes, branch closures, etc.), we are ready to capitalize on them quickly and tactfully.

Data-Driven ROI

K-N is a data-driven partner for Community Bank marketing teams. We ensure the information is both understandable and useful.

If this is the kind of creative and competitive spirit you’re interested in for your Community Bank’s marketing and messaging, you’ve come to the right people.

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