Five Keys for Increasing Return On Ad Spend in 2022

By Keenan-Nagle | November 16, 2021 | Category: Marketing Strategy

HubSpot’s recent research highlighting the top five global B2C marketing trends for 2022 ( points to short-form video, influencer marketing and audio content as the three advertising channels that will be a primary focal point for the upcoming year.

The big follow-up question is: How do you maximize the impact of each channel?

Sticking with the Top five theme, here is our list of Five Keys for Increasing ROAS when using these mediums.

  1. Create concise content that drives action

The ability to grab attention and give a complete message concisely continues to be of the utmost important. We have all been programmed to expect the quick hit ads standing between us and our online content of choice. Making a positive memorable impact in five seconds or less is not easy. Focus on the one thing you want someone to remember or do and build the ad to make that happen.

  1. Use channels correctly

As a marketer, the opportunities that all of these constantly emerging ad channels and levels of targeting provide us with is incredible. But as we move faster and faster to get campaigns launched, it can be easy to force fit content in the interest of time. Don’t let the time crunch detract from using the right message the right way.

  1. Measure what matters and use the data

One of the best aspects of these digital channels is the transparency of the data. Again, our pace of work, and the volume of data available, can make it a real challenge to assess the results in a meaningful way. Don’t just glance over dashboards and be excited by low CPMs and high impressions. Dig a little deeper. Were they the right people? Did they do what you wanted them to? Did anybody buy anything? Tie in all levels of relevant information to get an accurate picture of what’s working and then use it to make better decisions going forward.

  1. Think through the entire user experience

This is certainly not new, but it bears repeating. The ad is just step one. Make sure you are paying attention to every other touchpoint along the way. It doesn’t matter if you are using the top ad channels with the greatest creative in the world if your website sucks or your customer service team is not prepared to deliver on the ad promise.

  1. Don’t forget the basics

Do the planning up front. Define your target audiences. Understand where they are in the buying process, how they see what you offer in comparison to competitors, and the needs behind their needs. Don’t get so fixated on getting your message out that you forget to scan the landscape. Doing a good ol’ SWOT analysis can still save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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